Vinesha Hero Vinesha Hero

Vinesha is hitting new milestones thanks to a clinical trial at The Princess Margaret

At 19 years old, with a prognosis of six months to live, Vinesha Ramasamy didn’t think she’d reach many of the milestones other young adults do.

But now, thanks to the world-leading treatments she received at Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, Vinesha has a career, a place of her own and a future she never dreamed possible.

She was first diagnosed at 15 with an aggressive form of osteosarcoma – the same type of cancer Terry Fox had.

Vinesha underwent surgery to remove the large tumour in her leg and the massive reconstruction meant she was unable to walk. She relied on a wheelchair and assistive devices for over a decade.

A few years later, Vinesha was in her second year of university when the cancer returned. She had an aggressive tumour that was taking up almost three quarters of her lungs. Her doctors told her to prepare for the worst.

After having the maximum amount of chemotherapy her body could handle from her first bout of cancer, she had few options. But a doctor at The Princess Margaret suggested a clinical trial. The drug hadn’t been used on her type of cancer before, so it was a longshot.

The risk paid off. The clinical trial drug shrank her tumour enough that the cancer only remained in one lung. She had surgery to remove that lung, along with three ribs and a large part of her chest wall.

“Thanks to The Princess Margaret, I can continue to live my life, hit new milestones and really take advantage of this life I’ve been given,” says Vinesha.

She encourages everyone to support The Princess Margaret Home Lottery to give hope to other patients just like her.

“Because of people like you, I’ve been able to have this full life and there are so many others like me benefiting from the research and survivorship care, so thank you.”