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Rob has the rest of his life ahead of him thanks to The Princess Margaret

Rob Matic was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 1995 at the age of 28 and after receiving radiation, chemotherapy and surgery at a hospital in London, Ont., he was declared cancer free at age 33.

In 2017, at age 50, that all changed. Rob was shocked to learn the cancer had come back 22 years later and this time he was told he only had two to five years to live.

“I had a lot of life left to live with a beautiful wife, two amazing children and two beautiful grandchildren. To get that diagnosis at a relatively young age, it was devastating,” says Rob.

Since his tumour was fused high on his sacrum, it could not be removed.

Not satisfied with the prognosis he received from his local surgeon he asked for a second opinion. The Medical Oncology team in London referred him to Princess Margaret Cancer Centre where he qualified for an immunotherapy trial under the direction of Dr. Abdul Razak. His tumour has now shrunk by more than 45 per cent.

“Dr. Razak and his team, they’re absolutely fantastic people. They feel like family to me.” After a devastating diagnosis, Rob now feels hope thanks to the ground breaking treatment he received at The Princess Margaret.

“It really feels like I’ve got the rest of my life ahead of me. I’m making plans, going on trips … it really gives you a new lease on life.”

He thanks everyone who has supported the Cancer Centre by purchasing a Home Lottery ticket.

“To those of you who have bought a ticket, thank you. You’re not just buying a ticket to win a house, you’re buying a ticket to save a life.”