Leading the Way in Philanthropic Gaming.

Kevin will never forget that day his dad, Thuan, was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. It was winter, he was balancing school and work, and it all happened by fluke. Thuan had received a free testing kit in the mail, that kit led to a follow up call that left the whole family in shock. 

Kevin did his research, finding that the chance of survival dropped dramatically between stage 3 and 4. He was nervous as his dad prepped for surgery, but said the emotions didn’t fully take over until chemo started. “My dad is a strong, independent, tough, traditional man who has been able to navigate through so much adversity. Seeing him physically and mentally weak was hard.” 

Kevin felt helpless until he found out that his company was participating in the Enbridge® Ride to Conquer Cancer®. The event fell on the same week his dad finished chemo, so in between work and school Kevin started fundraising, becoming co-captain of the team the following year.  

In a way, those philanthropic rides never ended. He is now the Head of Esports & Gaming at The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. He says when he read the job description it felt like he wrote the role himself. “Everything about it; about the role, and where the funds go–which is already a cause I’ve been behind for a long time–it felt serendipitous. It felt like and it still is my dream job.” 

Kevin helped to build a charitable streaming program (Quest) which officially launched last year mid-pandemic. The event has been extremely successful globally with 85% of its donors residing outside of Canada. “The program is reaching new supporters in untraditional ways, it’s very exciting” he says. 

When Kevin’s father found out his cancer experience was the reason his son was driven to work for The Princess Margaret, he was “Shocked and surprised, but incredibly proud, happy, and grateful.” Kevin, too, is extremely grateful that he gets to use his love for gaming to help other families conquer cancer in their lifetime.