Conquer Cancer in Our Lifetime

Every ticket purchased can help somebody beat the odds.

Just over 25 years ago we launched one of the first charitable lotteries in the country and over time, it has shown incredible growth while consistently raising a monumental amount of funds for one of the top five cancer research centres in the world.

Each ticket purchased helps support over 1300 researchers and scientists who show up each day and help detect, treat, break new ground, and drive cancer research forward. Which means even if you don’t end up winning your dream home, you are guaranteed to support fund critical advancements in cancer research and care that will most certainly help change someone’s life. It really is a win, win.

We know that unfortunately 1 in 2 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime, that’s half of our friends, half of our colleagues and half of our families. And many of us here, like you, have been directly affected by cancer which makes the mission to conquer this disease not just an organizational goal but a personal one.

The stories we have chosen to tell this Fall dive deeper into our own personal connections to the cause in hopes of giving you some insight into the heart(s) of the Foundation. We will not stop until we find the end of cancer and with your help, we will get closer to the finish line.

Thank you for being a part of our passionate community, thank you for helping us beat the odds by fueling lifesaving research at The Princess Margaret.

The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation